Program & Schedule

The Model Body Retreat Highlights:

- Kasia Rain’s Introduction about the Model Body Method.

- Personal analyzing of the body (difficult zones, imbalances, goals)

- Workshops on modeling profession, size requirements, The reason behind “The Model Body”

- Workshops on creating mental and physical balance, Healthy Food, Lifestyle tips

- Daily workouts (The Model Body Workout method, Intervals, Yoga and Stretching)

- Night Out with Dinner and dancing

Retreat includes a well filled goodie bags with “The Model Body Kit” which you will receive at the end of the course (“The Model Body Workout” DVD, “Healthy & Simple with Kasia Rain” Cookbook and more goodies) to help models continue their workouts and healthy lifestyle.

Saturday, September 3rd

Event check in:
18.00- 20.00 – Welcome drink, getting to know each other. Free evening

Sunday, September 4th

9.00- 9.30 – Introduction (The Model Body Retreat Goal, Food choices advice, workout method explanation
11.00- 12.30- Measuring, Personal Body analysing and Goal setting session with Kasia Rain
12.45-13.30- The Model Body Workout Session
17.00- 18.00- The Model Body Kick and Punch session
20.00- Dinner with everybody

Monday, September 5th

9.30- 10.15- “Move your inner energy” Morning Workout Routine
12.00 – 13.00- The Model Workout on the beach
16.00- 17.00- Model Body Workshop (Food, Lifestyle coaching)
17.30- 18.30- Model Body Strengthening and Lengthening Workout

Tuesday, September 6th

9.30- 10.00 - Jogging on the beach
12.00- 13.00- The Model Body Workout session
15.00- 17.00- Get to know Ibiza group trip
18.00- 18.45- “Breath Deep” Model Body Workout session (breathing and stretching)

Wednesday, September 7th

9.30 – 10.00 – “No Time” Workout Routine (showing models how to get the best out of workout when they have limited time)
12.00- 13.00 – The Model Body Beach Bootcamp
16.00- 17.00- “Business side” Workshop (Modelling industry class)
18.00- 18.45- “Find you inner peace” Meditation

Thursday, September 8

9.30- 10.00- The Model Body Morning Routine
12.00- 13.00- The Model Body Beach interval
16.00- 16.45- “Positive Thinking” Workshop
18.00- 18.45 – The Model Body Lengthening and Strengthening Workout

Friday, September 9

11.00- 12.30- The Final Model Body Workout session mix
15.00- 16.00- Look back through all the classes, information, workouts, Group talk
20.00- Group dinner and closing party and dancing

Saturday, September 10

Event check out